Is your organization seeking a new and innovative fundraising opportunity? GET READY, because we’re going to help you “clean up” in more ways than one!

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Koenig The Only All-In-One™ Spray Polish, a one-of-a-kind premium cleaning product will help you reach your organization’s goal while making the world a cleaner place!


  • Sell the product as you see fit!
  • You keep 100% of the profits, and put it to good use!
  • Buy 25 cases or more and we will include the shipping in the cost


  • Purchase Koenig Spray Polish at a reduced wholesale price of $7 a can (A $25 Value!)
  • Set your own price markup, tailored to hit your fundraising goal!
  • After your fundraiser ends, we will create an online check-out code for the Koenig Website for your satisfied customers who wish to continue using our product.
  • Your organization then receives a percentage of every can sold online using your code!
  • This is the fundraiser that continues to generate revenue and increase your bottom line forever!

By choosing this unique product for your next fundraiser, you:

  • Provide a long-term resource to your customers, rather than consumable junk food or disposable seasonal products!
  • Have the freedom to dictate your own volume of product. The more units you stock, the more profit you’ll make!
  • Customize your price point to ensure your maximum results!

How you sell the product is entirely up to you! We recommend creating a community event such as a car wash (no water needed) in order to:

  • Funnel your customers to you directly!
  • Add to your profits by charging for the car wash!
  • Demonstrate the power of Koenig Spray Polish by using it on your customer’s vehicle and showing them first-hand how this irreplaceable carnauba wax formula adds a protective sheen to all surfaces of their car!

Click the image to download the PDF

Click the image to download the PDF

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