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A New Generation of Cleaners

Koenig is a revolutionary new cleaning technology designed to streamline your lifestyle. Scientifically formulated with a unique carnauba wax blend, Koenig is able to clean virtually any surface in your home – glass, granite, stainless steel, electronics, and more.

Koenig scrubs surfaces at the molecular level, filling imperfections to restore the original shine of any surface. Our secret is a nano-sized carnauba wax particle formula that deeply penetrates residue and lifts away stains.

The result? A showroom-quality shine that will turn your home into the envy of the neighborhood. Experience the luxurious shine and luster of Koenig. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Next generation cleaners

Koenig Polish

Designed to be multipurpose in scope, Koenig is the next generation of revolutionary scientifically-engineered technology products designed to help clean virtually all surfaces – including high-traffic commercial uses such as:

  • Hospitals & Medical Offices
  • Schools & Daycare Centers
  • Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens
  • Sporting Arenas and Convention Centers
  • Retail Stores & Malls
  • Airports, Busses and Bus Stations

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Koenig Polish

We thrive in making the finest cleaning products to make life easier.



  • Advanced scientific formula
  • Green based product that meets VOC requirements and contains no CFCs
  • All-in-one cleaning product that produces superior results while preserving natural resources

The science behind


Carnauba consists mostly of aliphatic esters (40 wt%), diesters of 4-hydroxycinnamic acid (21.0 wt%), ω-hydroxycarboxylic acids (13.0 wt%), and fatty acid alcohols (12 wt%). The compounds are predominantly derived from acids and alcohols in the C26-C30 range. Distinctive for carnauba wax is the high content of diesters as well as methoxycinnamic acid.

Carnauba Wax

powers Koenig

Our revolutionary carnauba formula contains unique lubricants and cleaning agents that work in tandem to lift and surround dirt, allowing you to safely wipe any surface clean. It restores the original beauty of everything from high-end appliances, bathroom, tile, metals, and even automobiles – giving you a luxurious shine that lasts.